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Based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC, we are Sean + Kaylyn, husband + wife photographers who love to travel, play with our 2 hilarious little people and capture the moments in between. Our life has been filled with great stories and adventures. We'd love nothing more than to help document some of yours. We want to capture the pictures that make you laugh until you cry, smile until your face hurts, and tug at your heart. The authentic moments that beg to be turned into memories.

It's really important to us that you find a photographer whose work AND personality you click with, so we would love to meet you for a coffee and hear more about your story and chat about what you're looking for!

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All of your photography needs under one roof.  As a coastal-based boutique we incorporate the rustic and natural elements into our mix and attitude. Over the years our style has developed into a well-edited assortment of contemporary, creative and intimate moments, both on The Sunshine Coast and abroad.

Your Love Legacy (client stories)

Spanish Banks Engagements // Mike + Asia

Kaylyn McLachlan

McLachlan Studios - Vancouver Photographer - Asia + Mike Engagements-3.JPG

As I sit here looking through Asia + Mike's photos, it makes me smile. Not only because these two are the sweetest + most genuine people, but from looking at these photos you'd never know what was going on behind the scenes during their shoot!! 

I pulled in to the spanish banks parking lot, and immediately these two introduced themselves with big hugs. (my kinda people!) We set off towards the forest, to walk the trails with their pup Starsky, but not even 1 minute into the pathway and we realized it was solid ice. and I mean SOLID. 
We all glanced at each other, and being the adventurous crazies we are, we decided to brave the ice and just slip, slide and practically crawl our way up the hillside. (Girls, you know that pair of boots that you have sitting in your closet, that are more pretty then they are functional? the ones with NO grips on the bottom, literally just a shiny flat sole? Yeahhhh, both Asia and I were wearing those boots. and this was one of those times that fashion over comfort did not come in handy!) I wish we had a behind the scenes video because we were literally 1 step forwards followed by sliding 2 steps backwards. We FINALLY made it to the top of the hill, determined to get a few nice forest shots, and then (as quickly + carefully as possible) made our way back down to the beach, where they would be free to run + jump + dance and MOVE AROUND, without falling flat on their asses.

Aside from being totally adventurous, hilarious, and adorable, they have a really sweet history together. 

Mike and I actually met in polish school when we were about 8 years old. We became friends, but just friends. Years later we attended the same high school, our first loves were mutual friends from school, but still during that entire time we only remained good friends. We always had a safe friendship & an easy chemistry. Some of our best memories in highschool were with each other in science class, having the biggest laugh attacks, (laughing about god knows what) trying not to get kicked out by our teacher.
After high school we separated and went off to do life... he went to collage in the States on a soccer scholarship, and I travelled and explored the world, growing through my experiences. Although we didn’t really maintain our relationship during that time, whenever we did connect it was as though no time had passed.
It was almost as though we had to go through our own experiences and figure out life by ourselves until we were ready to meet again.. this time in a different way, not just as good friends, but as evident soul mates. ❤
With our days of partying behind us, and a few serious relationships in between, we re-connected again in London Ontario summer of 2012. It was magic from day 1, we were inseparable and spent every day together. Our love quickly blossomed from a summer love into a forever love.
4 years later, a huge move across the country (Ontario to Vancouver), a serious career change and one fur baby later, and he is still the only person I want to do life with.
— Asia

Thank you Mike + Asia for inviting me along to document this exciting time in your life!! I had such a blast laughing + exploring with you guys, and can't wait to get together with you again!