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Based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC, we are Sean + Kaylyn, husband + wife photographers who love to travel, play with our 2 hilarious little people and capture the moments in between. Our life has been filled with great stories and adventures. We'd love nothing more than to help document some of yours. We want to capture the pictures that make you laugh until you cry, smile until your face hurts, and tug at your heart. The authentic moments that beg to be turned into memories.

It's really important to us that you find a photographer whose work AND personality you click with, so we would love to meet you for a coffee and hear more about your story and chat about what you're looking for!

Please take a moment to fill out the form on the right, or send us an email at and we will get back to you within 24 hours! :)

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All of your photography needs under one roof.  As a coastal-based boutique we incorporate the rustic and natural elements into our mix and attitude. Over the years our style has developed into a well-edited assortment of contemporary, creative and intimate moments, both on The Sunshine Coast and abroad.


Your Love Legacy (client stories)

Thomas & Brittany's Adventurous Elopement in Germany & Austria

Kaylyn McLachlan

After photographing Brittany & Thomas in their home this past January (see their in-home session HERE) I received a text from Britt asking if we'd want to tag along on their family adventures through Austria & Germany, photographing them exchanging insanely romantic vows in a field of wildflowers, and documenting their travels with their 2 year old Emily along the way. (Germany had been on our bucket list for years, so as I happy danced around the living room at the thought of going to Germany, Sean laughed at my moves for about 2 seconds before joining in on my arm-raising, hair-flippin', booty-shakin' happy dance. Oh yeah, we got the moves!)

We have too many incredible memories from the trip to even include in one blog post, so instead of us just rambling on about the incredible shnitzel, Hefeweizen, long drives through the country side, sharing teeny, adorable airbnb's with Thomas, Britt & Em & being shown around town by the locals, we'll just leave you with this video & these photos: the evidence of a love so deep & a family so close & committed to a life of adventure together. 

More important then the places you go, are the people you go with, and these three left us with the best experience of all: not only documenting their story, but being a part of their story, and sharing in one of the most incredible adventures of a lifetime. 

Thank you Thomas & Britt for everything. The memories of getting lost together, swimming in murkey rivers, laughing late into the night & sharing stories over bottles of hefe & radlers will stick with us forever. 

Big love,
Kaylyn & Sean




Sunshine Coast Family Session // The Bosmans

Kaylyn McLachlan

Summer family sessions are pretty much my all time favorite, because the warm weather, evening glow + low tides provide the perfect recipe to let go and just have FUN playing together at the beach, which gives us the opportunity to really capture who you are as a family, naturally (no awkward poses!), in a laid back environment so you can feel completely at ease + just be yourselves!

The best piece of advice we can give for family sessions is to set realistic expectations, or even better, ditch the expectations all together!
We know from our own experience that putting expectations on your children for family sessions only adds to the nerves and the tension leading up to the session. Some people worry that they won't get any nice shots if their children don't cooperate, but the irony is that the BEST shots happen when you let go and just love on each other, embracing who you are as a family. 

The Bosman family is a perfect example of letting go of all expectations, being present in the moment, and embracing the elements. I just love how the session progressed from sweet + snuggly to an all out mud-throwing, water-splashing, toddler-chasing game, and the pure joy on their faces amidst the flying mud + water.

Thank you guys for letting go and embracing the moment, focusing on each other and allowing me to document that! 



Limited dates left for Summer 2017
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We can't wait to connect!! 

Sunshine Coast Family // Scott + Sara

Kaylyn McLachlan

On a cold and dreary Saturday morning, I was welcomed into Scott + Sara's home, full of warmth, the smell of freshly ground coffee filling the air, the happiest giggles echoing through the house and a naked little bottom running circles around his mama.

Before I'd even entered their home actually, I noticed the "central perk" sign on the door, and as a long time Friends fan, I knew right away that I was going to be in good company. (They actually open their home up as a community coffee shop on the second Saturday of every month, and you can learn more about Central Perk on their facebook page HERE.)

We sipped coffee and chatted away while I captured what a candid morning in their home looks like. (Literally, I didn't have to direct these guys at all, they're just THAT adorable.) I learned that Sara is actually a pretty-much-famous and uber-talented violinist, and that they actually met back east while she was touring and opening up for other musicians.

Scott told me about how it was love at first sight, describing to me how he remembers everything about the first time he saw her, down to the outfit she was wearing, and the feather in her hair. 

It made my heart all warm and fuzzy to watch them interact with their boys, and the brotherly affection and tenderness between Oso and Chelon. 

My style of shooting is very candid, with minimal posing, so my one piece of advice to families is that you'll always get out as much as you put into your family sessions. If you want those adorable, cuddley, love filled photos, just be yourselves and love on your babes! :)
If you want photos capturing who you really are as a family, don't be afraid to pull out the games, hobbies, toys or instruments that make you who you are! 
Family photos shouldn't be about having perfectly pretty shots, but more importantly about embracing who you are, and what you hold most dear. Documenting what this stage of your life looks like, and preserving all of those little details that will look so different in a year from now. 

Scott, Sara + the boys were the perfect example of embracing the moment, letting go of all expectations, and just being themselves. 
The coffee was flowing, the laughter was contagious, and those cute little bare bums and skin on skin snuggles made their session that much sweeter. Have fun looking through this intimate family session, and I'd love to hear what you think!